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Drum Grinders, Models 750 and 1100.

Drum Grinder, Disk Grinder, Brush Shredder

The Wag Way models 750 & 1100 Drum Grinders are top of the line Stump and Brush Grinders that were designed for maximum cutting power with a minimum amount of expenditure. Each drum has hardened steel teeth that are easily rotated four times before having to be replaced. This tooth design also gives you the chipping effect while grinding stumps and brush, leaving little debris to be removed, saving time and money.

Both models come equipped with a very reliable direct-drive motoro that is safely located inside the drum for maximum protection. Wag Way 750 & 1100 Drum Grinders are furnished with a specially designed swivel hanger system, which allows the cover around the cutter to be revolved backwards, thus allowing the cutter teeth to be lowered into the ground to grind out stumps.

These grinders are easily maintained and will last for years with a minimum amount of maintenance. All Wag Way products have a warranty for one year, and we pride ourselves on customer service and assistance. Special orders can be built to suit your specific needs.

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